Friday, 21 September 2012

Agreeing and disagreeing

Hello every and and welcome to a new school year!

We've started by learning how to agree and disagree. Remember you have to use So / Neither / Well followed by the appropriate auxiliary and the subject. The structures we practised in class are the following:

I love opera --------> So do I  (agree) / Me too / I do too
....................-------------> Well, I don't (disagree)

I can't sing --------> Neither can I / Me neither / I can't either
....................-------------> Well / But I can (disagree)

However, looking for exercises for you to practise, I came across all these expressions from englishclub , englishpond and eslgold which will obviously be useful in any conversation. These some exercises:

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hello dear students,

 For your information, classes will begin on

 Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th Sept ,
 depending in which group you are. 

[PLEASE; notice we'll be using the same book as last year!] 

See you there!!!!