Wednesday, 7 November 2012


5 Futures Ni2 This is the listening we did in class. To do some exercises online to practise adjective order you can go here and here.
If you want to see some different types of shops in English (with pictures), go here or for a more exhaustive list click here.
You can also have a look at this old post on fashion.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hi there!

Once again it's Halloween and pumpkins and horrifying costumes invade our streets!

What do you know about it, anyway? Please watch this video to find out more about the history of this festival and this one to discover the origins of "trick-or-treating". For some idioms and proverbs go here.

You can also visit some old posts of ours, just click on "Halloween" in the cloud tag on the left. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Vocabulary on TRAVEL

Hi there!
I hope this presentation can help you learn some new words to talk / write about this topic. Remember you have to show you've learnt specific vocabulary!
Travel: vocabulary

Friday, 21 September 2012

Agreeing and disagreeing

Hello every and and welcome to a new school year!

We've started by learning how to agree and disagree. Remember you have to use So / Neither / Well followed by the appropriate auxiliary and the subject. The structures we practised in class are the following:

I love opera --------> So do I  (agree) / Me too / I do too
....................-------------> Well, I don't (disagree)

I can't sing --------> Neither can I / Me neither / I can't either
....................-------------> Well / But I can (disagree)

However, looking for exercises for you to practise, I came across all these expressions from englishclub , englishpond and eslgold which will obviously be useful in any conversation. These some exercises:

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hello dear students,

 For your information, classes will begin on

 Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th Sept ,
 depending in which group you are. 

[PLEASE; notice we'll be using the same book as last year!] 

See you there!!!!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hello again!
Before the final orals, you could check out these two posts of mine: "One way to improve your speaking" and "How to speak better".
If you want to practise a bit more, you can use Eva's post and Michael's game here; Saro's also got some cards and expressions you can use here; Dulce gives you some advice here too.
Finally, this page from elblogdelingles gives you good advice and some help with the oral too. Good luck to you all!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


So seem to be some of us, teachers, as we are all trying to give you the last tips before the final exams... But don't panic, there's still some time to revise the basics, and this is where we can all help you. For example:

  • for the brainstorming part, you can read my post on "How to make a good composition". You can also look at this one on Opinion essays
  • for some general tips on the whole process, watch Dulce's "Better at writing" post, as well as this one for reviews, and this one on opinion essays and more (thank you notes, informal emails...).
  • to read more on opinion essays, read Saro's post here.
  • to revise how to write letters of complaint visit , where you can see many different examples
  • Eva has prepared a presentation to revise how to write stories (look at it here) and this other one for reviews
  • But if you need to revise all the types of writing, especially their formats, have a look at this presentation:
Writing Revision NI2

Thursday, 19 April 2012


This is an example of people discussing books, taken from The title is "A good book". Although not a review as such, it's got good examples of the "general comments on the book" part of the review.

Brookline book reviews offers you reviews by some students in public schools in Brookline. You can listen to them all, as they come in mp3 format. However... they're students who speak rather fast, which may be a bit too difficult for you, so take it as a challenge.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Canary News

Hi everyone!
       You have probably come across one or two free newspapers in English we have in Gran Canaria. One of them, The Canary News, can be read online hereYou can also read News in the SunThere's another one, but I can't recall its name, does anyone know? 
       Moreover, you might also have a look at Tenerifenews and Sur in English) and Round Town News to find out what's going on in the south of Spain.
       It's a great way of keeping up to date with local news while practising your English, isn't it?

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Sorry about that, but they just appear
If anyone knows how to avoid them, please tell me! They are so annoying!


It's Wednesday night, the general strike has just started... but the BBC has nothing on its webpage, nor do "The Times", "The Independent" or "The Guardian"!!!  Well, at least "The Telegraph" mentions something, it focuses on the flight cancellations, but that's about it.

As regards the USA, nothing is mentioned in either the "The New York Times"or "USA Today".  However, the CNN does! Thanks God someone remembers us! You can read the article here (there's a video as well). And ... "The Washington Post" also devotes this article to our country, which offers quite a good general overview.

And all this makes me wonder, does the rest of the world really care about our situation? Will anyone help us out or is it up to us to get out of this crisis just by ourselves? Will the reform be implemented? Will the trade unions succeed? In what ways? What would you do if you were in power?  

Please leave a comment with your opinion on any of these topics; it'll be interesting and excellent writing practice for you! You can remain anonymous if you wish (but if you let me know which comment is yours, it'll count as one more writing task for this term)

Friday, 2 March 2012


Hello again!
To practise your listening, please watch Mery Streep's speech here (BBC)

These are the pictures of the celebrities described in the photocopy we saw in class, just match them and indicate who's who. This is the text, just in case. Answers will appear in a comment in a few days!

By the way, in this post from EOI Guía you will find an interesting link to the English blog where they give interesting information about leap years and a funny tradition in the British Isles.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Wednesday, February 15th
4:00 p.m.
  • Musical "Grease" (basic level)
  • Theatre workshop
  • Taboo (intermediate)
  • Film: "Le ballon rouge" (francés)
5:50: coffee and tea break
  • The EOI Quiz; Karaoke (basic)
  • Taboo (intermediate)
  • Workshop: "Another language" (intermediate)
  • Film en français: "Bienvenus chez les Ch'tis" (Bienvenidos al norte)

Thursday, February 16th
4:00 p.m.
  • Musical "Grease" (basic level)
  • Taboo (intermediate)
  • Film en français: "Rien à déclarer". Seguido de forum.
  • Charla sobre el turismo (por una guia alemana) y concurso sobre cultura alemana
  • Bollywood
  • The EOI Quiz (basic)
  • Film en français: "Rien à déclarer". Seguido de forum.

    Friday, 10 February 2012


    That time of the year has finally arrived... those days when we learn and practise English in a different way. This year's JORNADAS CULTURALES will take place next week (February 15th & 16th)! 

    There are competitions, workshops, games, musicals... you have to come and see it! Remember to write your poem or minisaga, make a nice bookmarker OR prepare a cake for the competition (please send us the recipe).
    You can win interesting prizes! 
    JOIN US AND...
    Without you we can do nothing ;-)

    Wednesday, 8 February 2012


    In the first place, you can watch this video, to revise what was explained in class and visit englisch-hilfen to revise everything and do some exercises.
    If you want to practise this structure, you can visit this page.
    Here you have a game, to make it more fun; choose the number of players and enjoy yourself while you learn