Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This is the presentation we saw in class; it will hopefully help you solve some common mistakes (they all come from your compositions, so it's worth a look!).
mistakes NI2

Friday, 11 February 2011


In File 4A we're discussing fashion, shopping, etc. Then you may be interested in browsing the British version of Vogue magazine. For the latest trends, go here.
This post by Teacher Melanie talks of last year's Fashion Week in New York City. It includes some interesting vocabulary.
You can also watch this video from Learn English, a great and easy way to learn some new expressions:

Now you can listen to these activities from the BBC page:
- "Buying a pair of trainers" and "Buying some jeans" are easy conversations, and you can complete the conversations
- "Where to shop in London"  and "Oxford Street crime" are readings with comprehension questions for you to practise
Then you can listen to this podcast from ESL Pod, but don't read the transcript until you've heard it at least twice! After the dialogue they explainall the vocabulary, nice!
Do you know what is the in thing right now? What would you NEVER wear, no matter how trendy? Please leave a comment...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Speaking practice

Hello again!

Now that we're doing the orals some of you feel the need to practise more, but don't really know how to. Please have a look at this post from EOI Guía, where they suggest lots of pages offering  language exchanges.

Another alternative is to try and make a little conversation group yourselves. Why don't you meet for a drink once a week after class? Just for fun! Even if there isn't a teacher there to correct your mistakes, you can still help each other, like we do in class. In any case, you'll be working on your fluency and losing that "stage fright" you seem to have... besides, you'll be making friends! If you are up to it, I can create a conversation group in our Facebook and you can start from there... Give it a try!

A third suggestion, watch this video giving you some ideas on how to make conversation with a stranger. It might be of help, you never know! In any case, it's good listening practice!

Any suggestions anybody?