Thursday, 21 April 2016



Here are the answers to th e photocopy on WORD Formation (Expand your Vocabulary)

1. a. Uninteresting     b. Disadvantage   
     c. Unfortunately    d. Impatient  
        e. Disappear            f. Unemployed    
     g. Disagree      h. Misunderstanding

2. a. Overslept     b. Underwear     c. Overcoat    
     d. Outplayed     e. Rewrite       f. Overcooked    
    g. Renew      h. Underpaid

3. a. Unlikely      b. Shortage        c. Impossible  
       d. Photography       e. Useful      f. Dislike   
      g. Sleepy      h. Unusual         i. Cheerful       
     j. Kindness

4. a Unusually           b. Surprisingly    
       c. Interestinly       d. Successfully   
     e. Beautifully            f. Thoroughly     g. Awfully                  h.Unsuccessfully     i. Unnecessarily    j. Obviously

5. a. Receipt     b. Politician    c. Depth     d. Patience     e. Marriage     f. Application                 g. Knowledge     h. Explanation

6. a. Theft      b. Belief     c. Suspicion     d. Length    e. Angry    f. Bravery    g. Vanity                     h. Ability

For further practice go to page 163 of our Student's Book and do part 2

Have a marvellous weekend!!!