Monday, 13 September 2010


Hello everybody and welcome to a new year!
During the first days (and while I give you some time to get your new books) we'll revise a little and do some stuff you couldn't finish last year. One of the things we'll work with is this video; although in class we'll just deal with the first part, you're welcome to watch it all.
Do you know of any other names whose meaning is unfortunate? Please leave a comment, it'll be more fun!
See you in class!


Anonymous said...

My name's Pili, which comes from a typical Spanish name, Pilar, so it is a rather traditional name.
The Virgin of El Pilar is in Zaragoza, Spain, and we all celebrate it on October 12th.

Anonymous said...

My name's Andrea, which is a Greek name . My name used to be for girls, but in Italy, for example, the name is for boys too, such as Andrea Dovizioso. My name means brave, but I think that I'm not brave, I'm very shy and scary.

María Pilar Domínguez said...

My name is Pilar. It's little original. Its origin is religious:the Virgin appeared to Saint James the Great on the pillar o column in Zaragoza, Spain where is the National Day.

Naomi said...

Hi people!
My name´s Naomi and it comes from England and Japan. The English meaning is "pleasantness" what I absoluty agree (lol) and it appears in the Old Testament like the mother-in-law of Ruth. It wasn´t a typical name until after the Protestan Reformation. And finally, the Japanese meaning is "honest, straight and beuatiful".
I love the meaning of my name hahaha

Anonymous said...

My name is Lorena and its use only for girls. It comes from the name of a region from France called Lorraine. In England, Lorena is a Latinized form of Lauren.
In 1856 Joseph Webster wrote a song called “Lorena” and it became a favorite song of soldiers of both sides during the American Civil War. When they heard the song, thought of their wives and girlfriends back home.
I’ve just heard the song and I really love it, so I link the video if someone wants to see it:

Cristina said...

My name's Cristina, which comes from a Latin feminine form of "Christian". The original form comes of a singular saint who was tormented by her pagan father. In other words, he called him "Cristiano" as an insult.
I think my name sounds beautiful, but I don't agree with its meaning because I'm not very religious.

Encarna Román said...

My name is Encarna - nickname of Encarnación. For Catholic people, the Encarnacion is the time when the Son of God takes human shape, so I celebrate my saint day on March 25th - 9 months before Christmas Day.
It is a name for woman, however in some little villages of Castilla or South America it is used for men as well. Do you remember of Encarnación Vargas from the Colombian soup opera 'Caballo Viejo?

Anonymous said...

Mi name’s Elvira, which is a female name with two origins: German and Arabian.
On the one hand, the German origin means kind and its real translation is the most faithful friend of the warrior. I hadn’t idea about that, but it sounds exciting!
On the other hand, according to the Arabian origin, it means “the lady princess”. I think this neither sounds bad.

Anonymous said...

My name's Estíbaliz, but my family and my friends call me by my nickname Esti. It comes from a Virgin to País Vasco, and a famous group called "El Consorcio". It isn't a popular name. When I was a child I didn't like it very much, but now I love it because it's a part of my personality.