Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hello again!
Before the final orals, you could check out these two posts of mine: "One way to improve your speaking" and "How to speak better".
If you want to practise a bit more, you can use Eva's post and Michael's game here; Saro's also got some cards and expressions you can use here; Dulce gives you some advice here too.
Finally, this page from elblogdelingles gives you good advice and some help with the oral too. Good luck to you all!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


So seem to be some of us, teachers, as we are all trying to give you the last tips before the final exams... But don't panic, there's still some time to revise the basics, and this is where we can all help you. For example:

  • for the brainstorming part, you can read my post on "How to make a good composition". You can also look at this one on Opinion essays
  • for some general tips on the whole process, watch Dulce's "Better at writing" post, as well as this one for reviews, and this one on opinion essays and more (thank you notes, informal emails...).
  • to read more on opinion essays, read Saro's post here.
  • to revise how to write letters of complaint visit , where you can see many different examples
  • Eva has prepared a presentation to revise how to write stories (look at it here) and this other one for reviews
  • But if you need to revise all the types of writing, especially their formats, have a look at this presentation:
Writing Revision NI2