Thursday, 21 May 2015

Writings - Certificate Exams


Writings - Intermediate Level

If you need some ideas about how to write correctly:

Types of writing :

- Long notes: facebook messages, giving instructions, apologizing, suggesting, giving advice ( "agony aunt" / "agony aunt 2")
- A story: narratives (click here)
- Opinion essay / magazine article (click here)
- For and Against essay / magazine article (click here)
- Informal email: thanking, asking, describing, apologizing, promising, ...
-Formal letter / email: applying for a job + CV; applying for a course; complaining about a service or about something you bought:
a)letters: (click here / or click here)
b) emails: (click here)
- A book or film review (click here)
- A biography (click here )

 Good Luck!

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