Monday, 29 September 2014

Fun with English - Key

…with English

1. with, eight (cardinal number) / eighth (ordinal number), telephone
2. abstemious
3.fanzie (a magazine for music fans), flexitime (flexible time), workaholic (someone who is addicted to work)
4. discotheque, laboratory, gymnasium
5. goodbye (farewell = fare you well)
6. children, mice, women
7. smack, crash, gulp
8. baby-sitter, knowhow, spaceship
9. compact disc (CD), random access memory (RAM), unidentified flying object (UFO)
10. Was it Elliot’s toilet I saw? Pull up if I pull up.
11. Peter Piper … Swam swam…
12. He said that that “that” that that man said was correct. (Él dijo que ese “that” que ese hombre dijo era correcto) that = que / ese
13. You are too good to be forgotten
14. backwards, you
15. all American spellings
16. ate/late