Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"Green test your school"

How green is your language school?


Task: Don't forget to answer the questionnaire I gave you in class, after doing some research, and post your comment with recommendations about what you would do to make your language school more eco-friendly.

I can't wait to read all your wonderful pieces of advice. Go for it!!!! 


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there are many things that we could make to be greener. I will put some example.
Firstly, using recycled paper for photocopies.
Secondly, switch on the computers, when we need it or activate the power manager.
Finally, notwithstanding that I know that currently is difficult. However, in my opinion, install solar power panels would be a friendly gesture with our environment.
Francisco Arencibia

Anonymous said...

I think we can make several things to be more eco-friendly in our school.

First, we can use low energy lightbulbs to save energy.
Secondly, we can use hand-dryer to save paper.
Thirdly, we can use automatic sensor washbasin to save water.

Then, with little things we can keep our environment.

Angel Ferraz.

Anonymous said...

The three ideas I would like to set in motion in order to create a green school are:
- Giving out lectures in class to make the children aware of how the climate change is affecting us, and the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing the consumption of non-renewable energies.
- Putting recycling bins in the classrooms, halls and playgrounds. So they could recycle plastic, glass, paper, bottle caps, etc.
- Promoting the use of renewable energies by buying solar panels to obtain energy from them, and use automatics faucets to reduce to consume of water.

Samuel Suárez Hernández

Anonymous said...

We can make our school greener following the next advices:

- We can put light bulbs in all classrooms and in the school, in general. But teachers should switch off them when it won't be necessary.

-We can introduce more bins in classrooms and in the school, too. With bins I mean a bin for paper (blue bin), for plastic (yellow bin), for glass (green bin) and a bin for organic trash (black bin). In this way, the recycling process would be more effective.

- And we can use automatic sensor to use washbasin instead of the taps that we have.

Estela Rodríguez Medina

Anonymous said...

I would make my language school more eco-friendly; in addition, others recommendations, for instance:
Turn off computers during the night.
Use both sides of the paper.
And finally, I’d recommend that my language school would be provided itself with bins for recycling old mobile phones, because I think that as the average mobile phones lasts around two years and then, they go into landfills, both, phones and their batteries, introduce toxic substances into our environment.
Adelia Mejías.

Anonymous said...

When our teacher asked us to write in this blog about "Green Test your school", I thought: "First, I have to have a look at school before to say anything, just in case..." This first thought was because I wasn´t sure if there were or not recycle bins over there.
I was at school yesterday and I´m not sure yet. Maybe because I was in a hurry and running along the corridor is imposible to see bins or anything. Do you think so? I don´t.
So, my advice is: Putting paper, plastic, glass, food waste, batteries bins as visible as posible. Greetings!

Inma Peña.

Cristina said...

Excellent pieces of advice Paco. I will try to use more recycled paper and suggest the head of the school to install the power managers. Concerning the solar panels...I'm afraid that depends totally on our "superiors"...unfortunately.

Cristina said...

Thanks for your suggestions Angel. I'll keep them in mind.

But I don't quite understand what you mean by "hand-dryer". Coul you explain that to me?

Cristina said...

Excellent ideas Samuel and excellent vocabulary as well. Well done!!!!

Cristina said...

I'll bear them in mind and pass on the suggestions to the head of the school. With simple and small changes...we can make a huge difference.

Remember!!!!!! "advice" in English is uncountable, so you'd have to say "next pieces of advice"

Cristina said...

Thanks Adelia! I totally agree with you. Mobile phones are thrown away too soon and therefore thousands of them are dumped into the landfills were they increasingly contaminate the environment. By recycling them, we would make ourselves a huge favour.

Careful!!!! "other recommendations" (other is an adjective) "would be provided" because the school doens't do it "itself", people who work for the school do it.

Cristina said...

You are right Inma! There aren't bins available for recycling the different types of waste, only for paper and they are not visible.

I'll keep that in mind and suggest the head of the school to place more bins in visible places.

Anonymous said...

Hello people.

There are a lot of things that we could do but in fact, it's reponsability of the government so... here go my advices

- In first place our school should use led bulbs to reduce the energy consume so the emision to CO2 will be less.
- Secondly,the school could install another kind of swiches at places where usually there aren't anyboby, for example in the bathroom wich turn on when people came in or turn off when there aren't anybody.
- Finally, the school should use free energies like solar or other kind of free energy.

Jose Francico Hernandez Ruiz.

Anonymous said...

About how to make our school more green:
- Put different containers of paper,glass,cans...and which are in visible places.
- Use light bulbs to save energy.
- Turn off lights and computers at the end.
Happy weekend.
Mariloli Rodríguez

Angel Luis Ferraz said...

Hand-dryer is an electronic machine that is in the bathroom which is used to dry our hands.

Anonymous said...

When I think how to make our school greener my first thought is about paper. We use a lot of paper, so we should both use recycled paper for class photocopies and have enough paper bins at the school. Also, there are at least four fans turned on in class and sometimes I feel cold. Maybe if everybody is agree two fans and one opened window would be enough to have a good temperature. And, of course, it´s very important to turn off all the lights and computers and the end of the class.

Patricia Ojeda García

Anonymous said...

First of all, to get a greener school, I would put some posters in the corridors explaining why it is a good idea recycle plastic,glass and paper; save energy like light...

Secondly, I would explain this message in several classrooms, in this way students would change their minds. I think this is the most important step to being greener people.

Finally, I would put more recycling points all over the school, and for saving energy I would recommend the director to buy energy-saving light bulbs.


Katherine Delight said...

It is important to take some steps right now, to make our school a greener place.
First, it should install special waste containers for different types of waste (aluminum, paper, biological, etc.)
Second, it is necessary to promote the use of recycled paper. It should be a space in each classroom to reuse paper.
Finally, I think it is important to improve access for public tranport, since what is proposed is public parking for individual cars, and there are no buses stop really close.
Lisaine Sosa

Anonymous said...

How can we do to make the language school more eco-friendly?
First of all, we use a lot of paper so I think we shouldn’t recycle paper only. We must do the three R’s of environment; they are reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s easy to see. Reducing for example, when you don’t need a paper don’t use; reusing a piece of paper, writing in both sides and to recycle using the bins for paper.
Another important thing and very easy to do is replace fluorescent lights with led bulbs. Moreover, switching on the light only when is necessary and the same with the computer.
Another piece of advice is don’t use the car is you live near the school. I know is more comfortable but, it is healthier walking thirty minutes every day. Furthermore, the emission to CO2 will be less.
Finally, we can make the language school more eco-friendly if everybody do little things for that.
Mónica Suárez.

Anonymous said...

What can we do to make our language school greener?

In my opinion, we don’t need to think about big changes or expensive technologies to be more eco-friendly. We can help our environment following some of these recommendations:

- First, we should throw away fluorescent lightings and use energy-saving light bulbs in all the classrooms. That is a good idea because we can reduce the consumption of energy, so we save money at the same time.

- Secondly, our school is in a hot climate and the classrooms have fans, but why don’t we try to open all the windows –including the corridor windows- to facilitate the movement of the air? Or if that is not possible, maybe we can turn off some of these fans in the middle of the class: it’s not necessary use all fans if the air is cooler!

- Finally, use recycled paper for photocopies and reuse it writing in both sides, can help to reduce the deforestation of our forests.

Áurea González

Anonymous said...

Currently the Official Language School of Arucas is not the best example of a greener place. In my opinion, If we follow these recommendations we could improve the quality of life and promote the environment.
• Firstly, the school may put different rubbish bins/containers to separate waste (plastic, paper and organic) and these should be visible to all students and teachers.
• Secondly, we must turn off the electronic equipment (computer, printer, speakers) and lights when anybody are not using or at the end of the class. In addition, the bulbs should be replaced by light bulbs.
• Thirdly, we need to use recycled paper and also, we can send electronic files as our homework by e- mail , blog , facebook ...
Finally, the most important thing for me is that we need to know the 3 R's:

Corina Henriquez

Cristina said...

Ok! Now I get your point. I thought you were talking about photocopies when you mentioned "paper", that's why I didn't understand your idea.

I agree completely!

Cristina said...

Excellent ideas!!!! Especially the idea of the switches. I think it's easy to install and cheap too. It would save us a lot of money on electricity as well as energy.

Careful: in English "advice" is uncountable. (pieces of advice)

Cristina said...

Unfortunately, there aren't enough recycling bins. That's a MUST!

Cristina said...

There is no doubt that making people aware of the importance of taking care of our environment, is essential.

Cristina said...

We really have a huge problem on our island concerning public transport. It must be solved as soon as possible to ensure that people can count on it and leave their cars at home. It would reduce our "carbon footprint" enormously.

Cristina said...

Well done!!!! Excellent pieces of advice. It is well known that exercise is the best way of keeping a healthy body and open your mind too. By doing so, students would be more awake in class and they would boost their energy too.

Cristina said...

I agree with you, apart from the recommendation about the fans. You see, sometimes it's so hot that without them...we would literally MELT. As you might have noticed, the windows are always open, but's boiling in class. Furthermore, the fans consume very little.

Cristina said...

I agree with you Corina. Let me tell you that we have tried to reduce the amount of photocopies by usin Power Point Presentations and the blog too. We still have a long way to go to become "Green"...but we will try our best.