Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Unit 8A (student's book) - Key Grammar Bank, p 146 and Reading 'The King of Complainers'

Grammar Bank, p. 146:

1 (that) he was selling all his books / (that) he is selling all his books : if the action hasn't happened yet
2 (that) she had booked the flights
3 (that) my new dress didn't suit me / doesn't suit me: if it's still true
4 (that) he might not be able to go to the party
5 (that) she wouldn't wear those shoes again
6 (that) she hadn't bought me a present
7 (that) she had to get a dress for the party
8 (that) she hadn't been to the gym for a long time
9 (that) she had found a bargain in the sales / she found a bargain in the sales: if it was just said
10 (that) he couldn't find anywhere to park / he can't find anywhere to park: if he's still looking for it

1 when I was leaving
2 if / whether he had ever been engaged
3 if / whether he would come home early
4 where I usually bought my clothes
5 if / whether he had worn a suit to the new job interview
6 if / whether she ever went to the theatre
7 what time we would arrive
8 how much money she had spent in the sales
9 if / whether he could help her
10 what size I was

Reading: The King of Complainers

Clive thinks the best way to complain is to write a polite letter.
1 He got some free packs of biscuits
2 He got a Volskwagen Golf GTI (for his friend)
3 He got 2,000 pounds (the cost of the holiday)
4 His daughters were invited to Heathrow Airport to inspect British Airways' catering facilities

1 Don't lose your temper
2 Write a letter
3 Know who you are writing to
4 Threaten action
5 Don't be too specific
6 Use flattery

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