Friday, 30 October 2015


Hi there!


Next Tuesday,  November 10th , EOI Arucas is celebrating the Indian Festival of Lights, DIWALI. 

We'll enjoy  music, dance and typical delicious Indian sweets.

Please join us. It's an afternoon- evening event that you cannot miss!

See you there!

Diwali celebrations
Indoor Diya decoration onNaraka Chaturdasi night
Diya necklace Dipavali Diwali November 2013.jpg
Outdoor Diya decoration on Diwali night
Aakash Kandils Diwali lighting Pune India 2013.jpg
Diwali lanterns beforeDhanteras in Maharashtra
Glowing Swayambhu (3005358416).jpg
Nepalese temple lighted up for Diwali(Tihar)
Diwali fireworks and lighting celebrations India 2012.jpg
Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas celebrations in Amritsar
Fireworks Diwali Chennai India November 2013 b.jpg
Diwali night fireworks over a city(Chennai)
Ganga At Nibi Gaharwar.jpg
Rural celebrations – floatingDiya over river Ganges
Sweets Mithai for Diwali and other Festivals of India.jpg
Diwali Mithai (sweets)

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