Saturday, 21 November 2009

Swine flu - 1976!!!

Ok so you thought swine flu was new, did you? Did you know it was around in 1976 and died out very quickly (rather than killing the entire population as the advert below seemed to suggest would happen). This was part of a major campaign based on fear to get a vaccination (a shot). It makes you think about how irrational fear can sometimes be provoked! Some bloggers think that it was a campaign just to get people to buy the vaccine and so bring profit to the pharmaceutical companies (in the USA anyway, where they don't have a public health service). They also think the same thing is happening again now. What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. Of course, pharmaceutical companies earn a lot of money by selling their products but, do you prefer die of a meningococo infection? Or tetanus or viruela? Nowadays, these infectious diseases are uncommon pathological process, thanks to the effort of researches on make more and better vaccines and, in addition because the improving of the plans of the preventive medicine. Thus, the best doctor is who prevent the illness not who make a good prescription when you are just ill.
I prefer to buy a vaccine that I don´t need, than a cigarette or a beer that I’m sure they injure me.