Wednesday, 29 September 2010


If you want to watch the news to know what the world thinks of today's general strike... watch these two videos. Then you can do the comprehension questions below. The answers... you'll get them by e-mail. Good luck!

The BBC talks of austerity measures.
1) How many unemployed are there, according to the video?
2) How long was Jose working for the same company?
3) Why have many ambitious projects stopped?
4) Which 3 consequences of austerity do they mention?
5) Does José agree with the timing of this strike?

In Youtube you can find this headline: "Spain austeriry package fuels anger"

6) How much will the government save with these measures?
7) How much more unemployment is there in Spain, if we compare it with the rest of Europe?
8) How much less will the Spanish Prime Minister get at the end of the month?

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