Thursday, 18 November 2010


This is the presentation I used in class to revise CONDITIONAL SENTENCES. 
Conditionals 0 1 2 3
And don't forget to have a look at previous entries in this blog (grammar section) that revise this grammar point, they'll help you practise it.

This is beyoncé's video "If I Were A Boy", a great song and a wonderful example of the second conditional. You can also listen to the songs in the NB2 blog here and here.

 Now the question is... What would you do if you were... God? Please leave your ideas in a comment below!


Anonymous said...

If I were God, I would eliminate all kind of religions.

Pilar said...

If I were God, obviously I end with injustices in the world. But, couldn't humans finish with these injustices(war,starvation,poverty...?

Andrea said...

If I were God, I would help people who has got diseases and I would end with the wars.

marcos castellano said...

If I were God, I´d make human not get old. Moreover, I´d make our lives last much more.

Mariola said...

If I were God, I would change same days of my life.

Bárbara said...

If I were God, I would give health and happines to eveyone.
If I were God, not have evil in the world.

Encarna Román said...

What would I do if I were God? I don't know.
Maybe I would do that influential people really realized of the world disaster which their self-interested and senseless decissions entail to everybody. Then, they could take steps to avoid it and maybe, everybody could live in a better world.
But I am not God, I am just a woman and only God can know what I would do, if I were he.