Tuesday, 24 May 2011


A pool table? No, snooker!
Do you feel the test is just round the corner and you don't know what else to do? Don't panic and try some of these things:
These are the two of the listenings you have in your photocopy: ideal home and blind date.
For further speaking practice go here. It's for intermediate level.
To write a good blog post, follow these steps:
  1. have a clear idea of what you are going to write about (topic) and your goal (provide links, start a conversation, express an opinion...)
  2. come up with an awesome title
  3. think of your readers and try to hook them (humour, news, attack...) and to create a conversation! Communication is one of the main objectives. A good introduction is highly advisable! These comments will...
  • have a clear objective, i.e. make a valid point (give your reasons or examples, if necessary)
  • be part of a context (the post you are commenting on)
  • be brief and respectful
  • be signed, so that the blogger can comment back to you
  • be proof-read before submitted
     4. write a detailed post, but keep it simple and to the point. Add your thoughts and if you want people to
         comment, ask a question to your readers BUT only get out what’s really relevant to this particular post.
     5. you can make a list with bullet points and organize it into headings and subheadings
     6. use your voice, your opinion (be honest)
     7. check for spelling, grammar, and most importantly flow issues. Then edit the post (things like links to
         resources, underlining, bolding, etc.)
     8. if you add a picture, it will make it a bit easier on your readers’ eyes.

Now, why don't you leave a comment on any of the listenings above? What is your ideal home like? Have you ever gone on a blind date? Would you?

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