Thursday, 13 October 2011

R U stressed?

Just do this test to find out...   Good luck!

To find out more on the topic, you can also watch this video where an expert explains what stress is, the physical and mental effects of being stressed, when it becomes a problem and when to seek help; it's at the end of the page, but remember to switch off the subtitles the first times you hear it (pressing "CC")

In any case, if you sometimes think you can't manage stress, you may need to watch this video from the NHS page, where an expert provides some techniques for managing stress.

So ... have you ever suffered / do you ever suffer from stress? Any symptoms? What did / do you do to deal with it? If you had a panic attack, what would you do? Please leave a short paragraph with your experience (and remember to sign it, please)


Pili said...

Phew! I'm still in the "pretty good control" area! :-)
And you?

Pilar said...

My husband wonders: Where is a calm woman with who he married? Now he has stressed wife. Why will be it?

Bárbara said...

I'm a primary teacher and my students have to much energy and I'm getty more and more tired so I think I'm pretty stressed.OH! AM I GOING CRAZY?

Mariola said...

My grandmother is 82 and she is never stressed. How many years will we life?.Normally,we gets angry very easily. Don't be bitter enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel quite stress, but how the video says, I don't have any problem because I don't feel like this all the time.

When I fell stress, I normally eat chocolate or something with sugar. I'm glad of not been stress so often because I'll be a problem with sugar.


Encarna Román said...

I was very stressed some years ago, so that I had to change my style of living. However nowadays, I am more relaxed than in the past, unless my children are fighting.
Sometimes I think that they are going to drive me crazy!