Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Why did they call you that?


Here you have the answers to exercise 3 (READING & VOCABULARY) > Unit  0

a) (Your own answer)

b)   A4    B3    C1   E2

c) 1. Elizabeth> successful;  Sophie> attractive; Ann>less desirable
    2. Sophie , Ryan and names beginning with A or B (especially in US)
    3. Because Ellie sounds like electrician..
    4. A disadvantage.
    5. J.O.Y or F.U.N.

e)  1. RESEARCHERS     2. EVIDENCE     3. SURVEY    4.THE AVERAGE    5. SCALE    6. RANK    7. LIKELY    8. OVERALL     9. BEYOND

Another interesting text about Belly Beth Cooper

Why I changed my name

Changing my name was a complicated process that took lots of things into account. It’s difficult to really point to one reason that made me do it. Here are some of the contributing factors, though.

My old name was hard to spell and say

Corina isn’t too unusual a name, but my spelling can be. It’s often spelled with two r’s or two n’s, or with an a, as in Carina. My original surname, Mackay, also has it’s problems. My dad told me once when I was a kid that he thought it was a Scottish name that had been brought to Australia generations ago and the pronunciation had been mangled, so we actually said our own name wrong. Who knows if that’s the case.
Anyway, the way we pronounced it was ‘mack-ay’, even though it’s spelled more like ‘mack-eye.’ So quite often it would be pronounced wrong by others, or it would be spelled McKay, or MacKay. The fact that Australia actually has a city called Mackay that’s pronounced ‘mack-eye’ didn’t help.
Needless to say, this got pretty tiring as a kid. When all you’re trying to do is fit in at school and seem cool, the last thing you want is to have to wrestle with every teacher over how to say or spell your name.

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