Friday, 11 February 2011


In File 4A we're discussing fashion, shopping, etc. Then you may be interested in browsing the British version of Vogue magazine. For the latest trends, go here.
This post by Teacher Melanie talks of last year's Fashion Week in New York City. It includes some interesting vocabulary.
You can also watch this video from Learn English, a great and easy way to learn some new expressions:

Now you can listen to these activities from the BBC page:
- "Buying a pair of trainers" and "Buying some jeans" are easy conversations, and you can complete the conversations
- "Where to shop in London"  and "Oxford Street crime" are readings with comprehension questions for you to practise
Then you can listen to this podcast from ESL Pod, but don't read the transcript until you've heard it at least twice! After the dialogue they explainall the vocabulary, nice!
Do you know what is the in thing right now? What would you NEVER wear, no matter how trendy? Please leave a comment...


Judit said...

I’m not very interested in trends and fashions but I don’t like my clothes are out of date.
Long boots that look like pants are the in thing right now. Women wear them with really short skirts.. I don’t understand this trend because it isn’t very useful in winter.
For this reason and many others, I would never wear them.

Sweetie said...

Hi everyone!
hey this is a really interesting post, dear teacher.

As for me… let’s see…
It is not that I don't wear jeans, in fact, I wear jeans a lot, but I just don't get obsessive about shopping for them. Usually good jeans just fall into my lap, either I happen to find a nice pair in a shop when I wasn't looking, or my sister Sharon, who buys a new pair each other week (well, almost) gives me a bunch of old ones she doesn't wear anymore, and then I'm sorted for another year. I never buy them in chain stores like ‘Zara’, but in ‘Desnudos’, the prices do make a real difference and the look is so similar, so why should I spend €30 or €40 euros when I can get them for €12?

For next spring summer and according to the London Fashion Week, I’ve noticed the mini skirt will be in again and the sleeveless tops combine black with the brightest colours, all types!

Love it, but I’ll have to get on a diet before I can comfortably wear any of those :-(

Pedro H. said...

I don't know what is the "in thing" now, but I think the "fama" look is all the rage. One thing I don't understand about fashion is how things out of date return. For example, the glasses that are trendy now, are the same that Steve Urkel's. Some years ago if you wore that glasses you were a "nerd" but now you are "in". How is it possible?