Friday, 4 March 2011


In file 4A we've seen how to describe clothes. If you want some further practice, you can gossip here to see who (according to the Mirror newspaper) were the best and wrost dressed actresses at the Oscars last Sunday. For difficult vocabulary, remember you now have a dictionary online in this page, just RIGHT-CLICK on it, so that you have it in a new tab and you don't leave the blog. For the actual list of winners, click here.
We've also practised passives, for further practice go here, or here. Theory and lots of practice here, here, here, and this link and this other one are on "to have something done".

Here's a song by Katy Perry which was sent to me by Sara for you to sing along and practise. Don't you love it?
In file 4B we'll discuss about men and women, but just to look at the fun side of it, you can watch this sketch explaining the differences between men's and women's brains. Hilarious!
part 2:

Did you like it? Any comments to make anybody? :-) 


Pedro H.C. said...

I like the exercises that Pili links in the blog, because I haven't to tidy my desk to do them, it's messy right now!!
The videos are useful too, I always watch them and they are enjoyable. About the last video posted, I've always known women and men had different brains hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I didn´t know that song of Katy Perry (only Hot N Cold) and I like it, except the part when she says something about 4th July... The American Flag flying again.
Despite that, I like it and I think the lyrics are really hopeful.
BTW I don't know why, but recently I usually have some problems with this blog, either it works very slowly or doesn't work properly, in fact, I haven't been able to publish this comment, this is my third attempt.
You have to sort it aout Pili ;)

Pili said...

Sorry for the delay, Alf, but comments need approval and... well, I switched off from work all week.
Better late than never!

Blanca Batista said...

Hi I´m Blanca Batista.(Intermediate-2)
My opinion about no-smoking law is
that Ít´s a exaggerated, excessive and a bit hipocritical law.

I like the Pili´s photo in New York.

Anonymous said...

I love this song!
Imagine when you are driving very early in the morning to go to work...but you really want to stay at home and suddenly, you listen this song on the radio ... your moods change, your "soul" is awake and you feel really, really happy!!
Then you remember how lucky you are and think that everybody can get all that they want if they really feel that they can!!
About differences between women and men, I liked the reading "Why men don't iron" and I completely agree with the text; men and women are so different, their brains work completely differently and they never think or behave in the same way...Thanks God!!


(Sorry for mistakes, if I had...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pili, I´m Candelaria Barrios. In general speaking, women and men are really different thankfully. I do not think that is an excuse for men not to cooperate with the parenting and housework that can only do things one at a time and that women can do several things at once.
On the other hand I think many young women try to catch up to men doing everything bad that characterizes many men such as being messy, dirty and selfish. I think that's not the way to have equal rights between men and women. In conclusion, equal rights between men and women in need of solidarity, legal regulations at work and education in the family.