Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hello again!
Here you have SOME of the topics covered during these two years. You can practise your monologue with them. Just remember to...
  • structure it well (i.e. introduction-body-conclusion)
  • include as much specific vocabulary as possible (including phrasal verbs, strong adjectives, )
  • avoid basic or common mistakes and use tenses correctly 
  • use structures of the level (e.g. conditionals, relative clauses, passives, infinitives/gerunds, I wish, used to...)
  • connect your ideas properly

1. Men and women: are we equal?13. Unemployment: is it getting better?25.Crime and punishment: should the laws change?
2. There's too much violence on TV14. Fashion: is it controlling us too much?26. Is technology isolating us?
3. Should we all pay a TV licence?15. Tourism: Is it the solution to Spanish economy?27. Are Spanish streets safe?
4. Stress: how to deal with it16. Are men too worried about their appearance nowadays?28. What would the best job in the world entail?
5. Do we complain too little?17. The worst film you've ever seen29. Someone you admire
6. Tell an item of news you've heard recently18. Can we do anything to be luckier?30. What superstitions do you know?
7. A crime that you've heard of19. Bad health habits you have31. Your favourite food/song/group...
8. Have you ever cheated?20. Who's your favourite relative?32. Are you careful with money?
9. How would you change your life?21. Risk sports: have you ever done any?33. How not to get worked up in a traffic jam
10. Have good manners disappeared?22. Do you judge people by appearances?34. How could the Spanish educational system improve?
11. Describe the most amazing building you've ever seen23. Do you eat sensibly?35. Are you a shopaholic?
12. Have you ever been near a natural disaster?24. What's the latest book you've read?36. How green are you?

Last but not least, here you will find the certification exams we did last year in the Canaries. Try to do them at home and practise as much as possible. Good luck!

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